Driving Educational Excellence Worldwide

At Globally Recruit, we provide a comprehensive platform for foreign institutions to establish a strong presence in high-growth markets. Our range of services includes market feasibility analysis, local-law compliance, in-country representation, brand building, and infrastructure development. With practical in-market experience and expertise, we go beyond academic institutions and collaborate with leading corporates, non-profit organisations, trade bodies, and government agencies. By facilitating strategic partnerships, we empower renowned institutions like St. Louis University, University of Miami, The Catholic University of America (CUA), The North Eastern University, and many others to successfully explore, enter, and expand into vibrant markets worldwide. This creates a win-win proposition for both institutions and students, enabling them to access the best educational opportunities.

We are proud to have a dedicated team of over 200 members, predominantly led by bright, young women. Since 2019, we have facilitated over 10,000 internships and awarded scholarships totaling $15 million worldwide.


Our Mission: Empowering Institutions and Students to Excel

At Globally Recruit, our mission is to be at the forefront of enabling renowned institutions to explore, enter, and expand into dynamic, high-growth markets worldwide. We are dedicated to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between institutions and students, ensuring that both parties thrive in the global educational landscape. Through our comprehensive solutions and strategic guidance, we empower institutions to seize opportunities, enhance their global presence, and provide students with access to exceptional educational opportunities. We are driven by our commitment to facilitating global engagement, enabling student success, and promoting excellence in education.

Vision: Advancing Education For All

At Globally Recruit, our vision is to collaborate with a diverse range of academic institutions worldwide, fostering their growth and facilitating their expansion into high-growth markets on a country-wide scale. By doing so, we aim to create greater accessibility to quality education for students around the world, ensuring that they have the opportunity to excel and fulfil their academic aspirations. Our inclusive approach puts students at the forefront of our vision, as we strive to empower them with the best educational opportunities available, irrespective of their background or origin.


Turnkey Solutions for India Market Entry

When it comes to entering the Indian market, we have you covered. Globally Recruit offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements for successful market entry. Our dedicated team ensures that your institution succeeds in growing markets, leaving no room for uncertainty.

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