Personalized Video Services

With so many prospective students applying to numerous universities, it becomes crucial to keep the students engaged and increase their involvement. No other generation consumes more video content than Generation Z. Utilizing the power of data-driven personalized videos, educational institutions can speak their language and create a stronger connection.

The Personalized Video assists prospective students in visualizing themselves on campus and making their college decisions. Add interactivity to increase yield rates. The application process for college might be complicated and boring. A one-on-one video walkthrough of their steps and actions makes the process not only simpler but also more inviting for all students.

Unlimited video personalization with variable data

Detailed video analytics (Device type, location, impression and plays)

Flexible Video hosting duration (Minimum 30-45 days)

Dedicated project manager for faster turnaround

Facilitate video creation including animated videos

Neutral playback video hosting with custom URL


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