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Saint Louis University is committed to finding innovative ways to help students succeed and grow during their time as a Billiken.

SLU Start is our in-country pre-departure orientation where you will get the chance to meet faculty and staff representatives from SLU, get all your doubts answered and ensure you are all equipped for your arrival on campus.

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At SLU Start you will:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What can I expect at SLU Start?

SLU Start is a comprehensive orientation where you’ll receive important information about your program, academic requirements, campus facilities, and support services. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other incoming students and begin building your network.

Is SLU Start mandatory?

While attendance at SLU Start is not mandatory, we highly recommend it as it will give you a head start and ensure a smooth transition to campus life.

What should I bring to SLU Start?

We suggest bringing a notebook and pen to take notes, comfortable attire, and any specific documents or forms requested in your pre-arrival communications.

Do I have to pay for SLU Start?

SLU Start does not have any registration or entry fee. You can attend it free of cost.